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Deeper Roots – November 1, 2014 at Earthlands

ceiba tree underneath the roots

A Gathering for women and men to heal and deepen our connection to our Ancestors.

 Saturday November 1, 2014

 10 am – 10 pm


 At Earthlands Petersham MA

Facilitated by Laney Goodman and Katja Esser

Preregistration requested.  Registration deadline to be annouced.  Please sign up early as there is some prep-work involved.

Register for Deeper Roots – November 1, 2014 – $100

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This is a call for people who are ready to dive deep into the void.  This is advanced work and we ask that people have already been doing ancestral, ritual, shamanic, and ceremonial work . We call for people that are committed to their spiritual journey and the shifting of their personal stories.

At the day of the dead we come together at this powerful potent time to create a day long Ceremony to feed, embrace, and acknowledge our ancestral roots and authentic selves.

 As we enter the ceremonial Now- where past, present, and future are One… how we move forward is tied to how we deal with our past and our Ancestors. We have come to this moment in time in part because of the choices of our Ancestors in the past as well as our own choices in this present life-time.

 In this daylong ceremony we create an opportunity to give thanks and forgive our Ancestors  and in shifting our relationship to our ancestors we become present to what sustains us as authentic beings.

 What strength, challenges, or stories of your Ancestors have had a strong impact on the course of your life? And what joy did they bring into your life? 

 The time is now to find the joy and celebrate all those that have come before us …this in turn will heal the karmic wheel of life as we move forward to a new world of our own making.

 Do we try to sustain ourselves with limited expression, trying to fit in and hope we will be loved by our parents or others by making choices based in fears and judgments?

 Or do we sustain our Authentic Self… the part of us that makes choices based on love, intuitive knowing, and walks in a loving relationship with the Mother Earth? 

 And what if we are truly sustained by our ability to embrace what comes our way and to love what is in the moment…no judgement, no attachment… just what is? underneath the Ceiba tree


The Sacred Questions:

What strength, challenges, or stories of your Ancestors have had a strong impact on the course of your life? And what joy did they bring into your life? 

The preparation:

Make 2 little ancestor dolls by taking a y – shaped green stick having the length from you elbow to your fingers and a shorter straight stick that you tie across the y – stick to create a stick doll.  The first doll you wrap in colored yarn and acknowledge with each turn every single appreciation you have for them.  You can use one or more colors.  On the second doll you carve multiple incisions with a thank you for each challenge you encountered with them or what has been passed down the lineage.  Save the carved slivers on your shrine at home.


 On the Day of the Dead we will dive into these questions and more with: 

 ~Storytelling Council- Sharing your roots

 ~ Feeding the Ancestors

 ~ Feeding Ourselves and one another

 ~Making of the Ancestor’s Boat …Ritual burning & letting go of what no longer serves us.

 ~ Forgiveness Ceremony 

 ~ Ceremony under the great Oak as we honor and feed our Ancestors as well as ourselves to find our deeper roots.

~ Sacred Fire ~ Drum, Dance, Chant

We will end our time together in joy and celebration of all the gifts that have come into our lives …making way for the abundance to come…learning the truth that we are needed and loved every day.

Cost for the day:

Registration is $100

Registration deadline Wednesday Oct 29

Staying overnight at the lodge $35 a night

Tenting $15 a night

All the pricing does not include food


 For more information about…

 Laney’s work go to : www.sacredwavesofrhythm.com 

 Katja’s work go to: www.ritualexpressionsevents.org

Please RSVP to Laney  at womenonair@aol.com

You will need to RSVP to find out how to prepare and what to bring to this powerful ceremony.  Please…no walk ins.

Date(s) – 11/01/2014
10:00 am – 10:00 pm




Register for Deeper Roots – November 1, 2014

Early Bird Registration (before Oct 16) $100

Your Name and Address