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Deeper Roots~ Honor Our Ancestors~ Daylong Ceremonial Circle


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 Deeper Roots

~Daylong Ceremony for women & men honoring our connections to our Ancestors~

Sunday, November 1st, 2015  

10 am – 10 pm

VENUE TBA in Petersham MA

Facilitated by Katja Esser & Laney Goodman

Scent, Alcohol, Drug Free Gathering

Would you like to join us in sacred circle and ritual to work with our Ancestors?

COST: $75

Please go to: www.sacredwavesofrhythm.com

and prepay and register so we can hold your space.

Your Name and Address

We only have room for 10 people…both women and men will be creating the circle.

If you are having a cash flow problem…please email Laney at: womenonair@aol.com


In honor of all souls day, at the time when the veil between us and our Ancestors is the thinnest, we come together to create a day long Ceremony to focus on feeding, embracing, and acknowledging our roots to allow what sustains and sets us free to come forth. 

How we move forward is tied to how we deal with our past and our Ancestors. We have come to this moment in time in part because of the choices of our ancestors. In this daylong ceremony we create an opportunity to give thanks and forgive our Ancestors in particularly if our relationships with them have been confusing.

Do we sustain ourselves in our limited expression trying to fit in and hope we will be loved by our parents by making choices based in fear and belief or do we sustain our authentic self who makes choices based on love, intuitive knowing, and walks in a love relationship with the Mother? And what if what sustains us is our ability to embrace what comes our way and to love what is? And what if that sets us free?

We will answer these questions through ceremony and ritual. 

~Storytelling Council- Sharing your roots

~ Feeding the Ancestors

~ Feeding Ourselves and one another

~Making of the Ancestor’s House …Ritual burning & letting go of what no longer serves us.

~ Forgiveness Ceremony 

~ Ceremony under the great Oak as we honor and feed our Ancestors as well as ourselves to find our deeper roots.

~Sacred Fire( weather permitting) ~     Drum, Dance, Chant

We will end our time together in joy and celebration of all the gifts that have come into our lives …making way for the abundance to come…learning the truth that we are needed and loved every day. 

Our Ancestors are always with us…we are the ones to remember and honor them so we might work with the Seen and Unseen worlds as we walk on the beauty path.  We are never alone.

Any questions about the gathering …

Write to Katja at : katjacreates@ritualexpessions.com

or Laney at: womenonair@aol.com

For more information about…

Laney’s work go to : www.sacredwavesofrhythm.com 

Katja’s work go to: www.ritualexpressionsevents.org

Deep gratitude to each one of you for answering this “Call”.

Your Name and Address