Nov 24

SOLD OUT! Goddess Loves ~ Embodied Journeys into the Wheels of Light ~ Women’s Circle

goddes love lotus

SOLD OUT! Goddess Loves~Embodied Journeys into the Wheels of Light
~ a Feminine empowerment & Chakra activation~ Women’s Circle ~

During this beautiful Season of Lights please join with
Alisa Wright Tanny and Laney Goodman
Sunday, December 13th, Circle ~ 2-5pm
Arrival ~1:30pm
Circle ~ 2-5pm
Snack & Grounding ~ 5-5:30pm
Goddess LOVES ~ Guided Journey’s into Goddess Realms,
Embodied Anatomy & Yoga/Dance Flow,
Toning & Chakra Activation, Soundscapes & Chanting

WE ARE FULL!  Thanks to all of our sisters that prepaid to hold their space.  We only had room for 15 of you.  If you would like to go our wait list please email Laney at: laney@womenonair.com


***This is a SCENT free space & Alcohol/Drug free event***

Please bring: a healthy/organic finger food snack to share
(list ingredients please),
a mug for tea and your own water bottle.
Please wear clothing for movement,
and bring a yoga mat, eye pillow / eye cover
& blanket for our Guided Journeys,
or bring a chair/ backjack if you need one.

~ Directions will be given to you when you register~

Winter Solstice is on December 21st, 2015 and we celebrate the longest night of the year as the wheel turns and heads toward the Light. During this time of increasing darkness that surrounds our world, it is time to gather in the Light and set intentions and prayers to hold the light.
“We are blind except for the Light that shines from our hearts… searchlights desperately seeking to meet in trust and intimacy.

May we continue to see the Way. May our stories be told. May our songs be heard.

May the tales of war be buried and transformed into stories of wishes come true.
May the seeds grow, may the rains fall, may we rest long enough.

May this struggle turn into the story of the beautiful journey we share with our children.
Once more the balance tips…the scales of the year veer toward the light and we pray in that illumination…for Peace.”
By Patrice Haan
Thank you!


Laney at: womenonair@aol.com
or Alisa at: info@theembodimentinstitute.com

For more info on Alisa’s work: www.theembodimentinstitute.com
More info on Laney’s work: www.sacredwavesofrhythm.com

“May all beings be free from suffering and the causes of suffering.”