Jun 02

Mother Drum~ Celebrate Summer~ June 18th- Eliot, Maine


Celebrate Summer Solstice with the Mother Drum Sacred Drum, Chant & Dance Gathering

Laney Goodman & Dave Estes & TRIBE

Saturday, June 18th

Sanctuary Arts, 117 Bolt Hill Road, Eliot, Maine 03903


~Come early and visit the new Sculpture Garden~

Doors open at 7 pm

Circle: 7:30-10:30 pm

All Welcome – Children ages 7  and up

Cost: Sliding Scale fee~ $15-$20 Adults

Children ages 7-12- Free, ages 13 -18- $5

SCENT Free Space- Drum & Alcohol Free Event

Summer Solstice this year will fall on the full moon of June 20th- so come and join the Tribe to celebrate the coming of the longest day of the year.

 Now it is time to celebrate the fullness of Summer with the *”Sun Drum that is high and taut as the wheel of life lifts to the peak of ascension.  Gaia stretches out, flowers pour from Her… colors, light, heat…time to rest, play and bloom.

Our hearts are wide open to celebrate all of the Beauty and Grace of our Mother Earth.”
~Excerpts from We’Moon Almanac
We will drum, chant and dance in the four directions of the Medicine Wheel.
Native American traditions teach us that each of the four directions carry certain elements, qualities and totems …
And we will send prayers to the four corners of the Earth for Global Healing and the healing For All Our Relations.
We will invoke and celebrate the Grandmothers, the Grandfathers, and the Ancestors as we sing, drum, and dance them awake into our circle and into our lives.
We will learn how to best be in balance together in a tribal way – once again bringing forth the old wisdom into our present time, where it is needed for healing our hearts, minds, and the global community.
 Please, bring bells, shakers, rattles, and drums of all types and a small container of water to be blessed and a snack to share with the Tribe if you feel so inclined.  Thanks.
Dave will bring his didgeridoos and we will tone and chant with this ancient, primal instrument and feel the deep vibrations of the Mother Earth and our own deep roots. 
It is an honor to work and co create sacred space with my brother Dave Estes with his Tribe and thanks to Christopher for hosting us at Sanctuary Arts and their Community in Eliot, Maine.
And the MOTHER DRUM will help keep the ONE or the Heartbeat throughout our journey.  
Some of you will have the chance to play the Mother Drum if you so choose.
This ceremony teaches us the power of deep listening and helps take us deeper into community to find our commonUNITY.
 As we heal ourselves…we heal our Mother Earth .
For All Our Relations-A-Ho!
Please, RSVP to Laney at womenonair@aol.com 
You can find more information on Laney’s work at: