Dec 05

Winter Dreams~ Sacred Drum & Chant~ Scent Free

winter dreams
~ALL WELCOME-Ages 10 & up~
 ~Alcohol and Drug free space~
Friday, December 12th~ Doors open at 7pm
Aquarius Sanctuary, Gateway Plaza,
288 Littleton Road, Bldg #2, second floor
* Note :the mother drum will not be with us due to limited space in this intimate venue
Pre registration is required to save your space
~ We only have room for 15~
Note: We have 7 people registered…so if you were planing to join us… be sure and preregister to save your space.
COST: $20
Or call and pay over the phone
Winter has taken us deep. In the chill of ice as the cold winds blow and the frost slows all movement.  As the wheel turns and the wheel of life slows down during the Yuletide and the coming of the Winter Solstice, we enter the cave to dream and tend the fires.
  Only the bright stars in the cold clear night time sky remembers and move to the rhythms of the Earth.
All is connected and we slumber in our caves and dream.
Please venture out on Friday, December 12th to a very warm and intimate circle as we come together as Tribe…  to drum and chant,  pray and set intentions in the four directions.
And let us celebrate the turning of the Wheel of Life.
Please bring drums and rhythm instruments and a snack to share. thanks.
And remember – please, WEAR NO SCENTS….and that includes natural oils as well….I am highly allergic to scents.
Thanks for your understanding and support.
RSVP to Laney at: womenonair@aol.com
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NOTE: Thanks to inspiration from the We’Moon Almanac