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Dragon Woman Awakens-MA- Healing Our Rage-August 19th

Dragon Women Awakens- MA ~  Healing Our Rage Together

Tenderness Gathering Place, Lunenburg, MA

Sunday, August 19th, 1-9pm

with Melanie Plant Monaco- Mixed Martial Artist,

Katrina Coravos, Laney Goodman, Julie Woods

We will close this circle after 33 women sign up. If this work calls you, reserve your space by sending $33 to:
Money will be used for use of the space & to help continue this work.

As women who connect with the Dragons, we know that in these times, our rage is righteous.
We have had enough of the system we have been inside telling us that our anger is not “lady like” or acceptable.
For us, our truth is, if we are not feeling anger then we are not paying attention.

Anger is one of the many emotions in our system that has been shamed and oppressed.

Many of us have been given messages to remain quiet, meek, and docile.
Many of us have tried to adhere to these messages so that we feel like we belong.
And for many of us, the truth is, this does not work for us.
And for many of us, the weight of this oppression is getting too heavy, and we are ready to fully and completely take these shackles off of our knowing.

For us, the truth is, our anger can be used as fuel for change.
Anger is not something to be afraid of, it is something to acknowledge, and feel.
Suppressed anger is what leads to abuse, and shadow rage- unconscious and destructive patterns of harm.

Righteous anger, felt deliberately, can help us to move away from stagnation and fear, and into action.

For many of us, this shame attached to our anger, has taken on the form of feeling frozen, not knowing what to do, so we remain silent and feel stuck.

Anger is fire, and it can break through this freeze to move through us, and to ignite our passionate hearts to take the actions our spirits are calling us to make.

When we hold onto anger, and let it live inside of us, is when self destructive behaviors and self harm can occur.

Anger, like fire, is meant to see light, meant to see air, meant to be fuel.
We are tired of being told to shut up, sit down, stuff it, and be nice.
There are things happening in the world that anger is absolutely justified. It’s what we do with it that is our responsibility.

In this day together, we will go into the emotion of anger and rage, and what fires are burning within us.
By acknowledging, feeling, and harnessing these emotions, we will support one another in finding where our action is living, and what we are being called to do.

We will hold each other in compassion and love as we tap into an emotion that for many of us has been told is simply not ok to have.

~We will dance with our anger, and express what has been buried there.
~We will sing, sound, and release where we may feel stuck.
~We will look at the world together, and the places where we are saying “No!” and that we will not stay silent any longer.

As Dragon Women, we are waking inside of us, a fierce and loving protector, of Earth Mother, of humanity, of our selves.

We will not sit passively by any longer.
We are awakening, we are being called…
And we will lift the shame from what has been holding us back from our knowing and truth.
No more self doubt, no more self sabotage, no more self harm..
No more allowing this virus of shame to effect us into being immobile in our actions.
Our world needs action, it needs fire, it needs change.
And the more we feel, and heal, the more precise and conscious our action will be.

We are blessed to have Melanie Plant Monaco coming to share her medicine. She is a Mixed Martial Artist and a RAD Certified Self Defense Instructor. She’s going to be bringing some pads with her, to support us in really getting into what we are angry about, and releasing it in a safe way.

We will close this circle after 33 women sign up. If this work calls you, reserve your space by sending $33 to:
Money will be used for use of the space, and to help continue this work.

Please bring:
~potluck meal to share
~offerings for the fire ( tobacco, cornmeal, chocolate, birch bark with prayer written)
~items for the alter
~drums & rattles

~Water bottles

~ Bug spray

It’s time.
WE will no longer accept shame on our passions, or what speaks in us.
We are fully embracing all of who we are.
WE will not be shackled, tamed, chained, or subdued.
WE will FEEL fully all that is speaking in us.
WE will acknowledge, heal, and set free.
WE are women born of fire, and we will not be stifled any longer.

WE are made of love, and our love will protect what is most sacred:

Our Earth Mother and ALL her children.