May 29

Dragon Woman Awakens-June 3rd

Dragon Woman Awakens- Gathering of the Fire Women
Sunday, June 3rd
Tenderness Gathering Place, 300 Holman St. Lunenburg, MA 01462
Drums & Rattles
Potluck meal
Open hearts
Your voices
Laney will bring natural non scented Bug Repellent for your use
Water bottles
Offerings for the fire- tobacco, cornmeal, chocolate, birch bark with prayers written on bark
Chairs or blanket to sit on the ground around the fire
For use of the space, and to continue this work, a $33 giving is needed to hold your space.
Send your offering to: www.paypal.me/KatrinaCor
We are closing the circle after 33 women, so if this calls you, hold your space now.
We only have 6 more spaces as of May 29th, 2018
We are women who are not afraid of the fire,
We were born of it,
Sacrificed to it,
And now we have become it.
We are here to become the fires of change and transformation this world so desperately needs.
We are not quiet, meek, or docile.
We are women that have come here to speak truth to power, and to set ablaze the creation we are dreaming up together.
We are women who dive into the depths, and the mysteries of the ancients.
We are women who know in their bones we are born on a mission, a purpose, and are dedicated to fulfilling what we have set out to do:
To restore the sacred feminine to it’s rightful place- in the center.
And to overcome the thousands of years of oppression the patriarchal system has placed on humanity.
We serve the Earth, and all Her creatures.
We know there is a better way, and we are prepared to unshackle all the oppression that has been instilled onto us so we can unleash who we are.
We stand ready,
We stand waiting.
We know this is the time, when the Earth Mother is crying out to all her Guardians, and her Warriors.
We hear that call and we are rising to the occasion.

During this day together, we will journey into the archetype of the Dragon, and the truths behind this beloved beast.
The Dragons are protectors of the primordial Mother.
As Dragon Women, we know the stories of the Dragon are not true, and yet another bullshit story to suppress a power that has dwelt on this Earth from the beginning of time.
The Dragons are not our enemies, they are our allies, and they are the Earth’s most powerful and sacred Guardians.
Dragons have shown up in cultures all across the world, and are respected and revered.
They are holy beings.
Together, we will bring our truths to the fire, and reclaim a power that has been attempted to be wiped out of this world: Fierce, Courageous Love and Protection for the Mother.
WE will explore together, any beliefs that may continue to hold us in silence, and we will unshackle ourselves and spread our wings.
We will hold one another and witness one another step fully into our missions and our commitments to serve Her.

This gathering is not for everyone, this is for women who hear their hearts beat faster when they hear the words, “Awaken Dragon Woman”.
This gathering is for women who have been showing up to their work, and have been rising in their own power.
We will be going deep into emotions of shame, rage, and ancestral trauma. You must be ready to go there.
This is not for the weak of heart.
This is for those of us that are called to protect the week.
WE are growing stronger, and we grow even stronger together.
If you feel this call, if you feel something stirring as you read this words, even if you feel timid or afraid, this gathering is for you.
WE will hold one another in courage and strength.
But you must be ready and willing to go to the edge, and to break through what may be holding you there.
If you are ready, we stand with you.

Gathering from 1-9 at Tenderness Gathering Place in Lunenberg, MA
We will gather indoors to journey, share, and council
We will gather around the fire outside to embody, move, and claim our power.
We will share a meal together.
We will talk about next steps as a community, and what we can do together to bring about this change we feel stirring in our bellies.