Oct 25

Season of Giving Thanks~ Sacred Drum & Chant with the Mother Drum~ SCENT FREE

~Season of Giving Thanks~
~ Gathering with the Mother Drum~
~Sacred Drum & Chant Circle~
With Laney Goodman & Nadia Puttini and the last chance to play the Mother Drum until Spring.
Plus Dave Estes and Gregorio De La Selva~ Two magical didgeridoo players

~ALL WELCOME-Ages 9 & up~

~SCENT FREE , Alcohol and Drug free eventharvest wagon~

Saturday, November 21st

~ Doors open at 7pm~

Bare Sole Yoga Studio, 581 Rutland St. Carlisle, MA

 Space is limited to 30 ~ Please Register at: www.baresoleyoga.com

 It is the season of giving thanks for the harvest from the great Mother, our family and friends and all of the little things in life we sometimes take for granted.  May we celebrate our lives and learn to take less and waste nothing.

 Please bring drums and rhythm instruments – thanks.

 Please RSVP to Laney at: laney@womenonair.com

Want to find out more about Laney’s work:


Mikmak - The drum shown as the Earth Drum eminating sounds